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Quality baby changing station for new mothers

One of the few things you’ll be doing a lot after welcoming your baby into this world is changing their diapers. To do that, it would be good to have an entire baby changing station dedicated to helping you change your baby’s diapers as soon as possible. Consider getting one if you feel like you’d want to save some time.

Frequently asked questions about baby changing stations

Do I need a baby changing station?

Changing your baby’s diapers is admittedly not going to be your favourite part of having a baby, sometimes having to change up to 10 times a day. Baby changing stations will make this process a lot easier and faster, as all your diaper needs are gathered in one place, making it convenient for you to retrieve whatever you need in the moment.

What should I put in a baby changing station?

The storage space will vary depending on which type you choose. Some things you can put within your diaper changing station are: diapers, wipes and creams - these are essentials for changing, cleaning and soothing your baby’s skin. Other add-ons include hand sanitizer, bodysuits or even a first aid kit for when the need arises.

When should I use a baby changing station?

It goes without saying that many baby changing units may have weight limits that correspond to the growth of your baby. As a general rule, you should stop using the baby changing station when your baby exceeds 15kg, is strong enough to sit up or roll back easily, or cannot be held safely in place with a child restraint.

Get your baby changing station with Mothercare

Mothercare understands your needs and carries the best baby changing stations of different sizes to accommodate you. While browsing for one, why not take a look at our selection of baby pillows or mattresses? Shop for our products online, with free delivery after $60 to address here in Singapore. You could also choose to collect your purchases from any of our outlets in Singapore.